Kay Hawkins

Kay HawkinsI’m Kay Hawkins and I’ve been creating and perfecting foods professionally since 2008 from my home kitchen in Borrowash. I have enjoyed baking and cooking since early childhood and apparently, I’m a little quirky… so it seemed only natural to name my company The Quirky Cook.

I was born in Derbyshire and grew up in the village of Heage, enjoying the simple pleasures that rural life had to offer. From an early age, I was often at Mum’s side in the kitchen, watching and helping as she prepared delicious things to eat.

We made the best of ingredients to hand. Vegetables were grown in our garden, fruits were foraged from the hedgerows or picked from nearby orchards. Family meals, homemade pickles and preserves were all prepared from scratch. I soon became the little girl who loved to cook.

I continue to uphold the same values I was taught in the kitchen from an early age. My products are made from the purest ingredients and contain natural preservatives. The only additives are pride, passion and a great deal of patience.

Artificial colours and flavours are forbidden and allergens are few. I produce food that is good and honest, just as it should be .

To this day, I happily work alone, creating and perfecting new recipes and making my chutneys, jams and relishes. And sometimes, Mum is at my side watching and helping.


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